Susan Liautaud has launched The Ethics Incubator : an independent, cross-sector laboratory and collaborative platform for innovative ethics. See her inaugural Ethics & The Arts interview with renowned architect Frank Gehry . Also available her interview with Novelist Sir Salman Rushdie . x

Susan Liautaud & Associates Limited is a solution-focused strategic advisory on all matters related to ethics, governance, and reputational risk for business, non-profit, governmental, and academic organisations internationally.  Our hallmarks are resilience (supporting clients’ objectives and reputations over time) and broad impact (ensuring benefits to clients and society at large). We provide custom-designed, innovative problem-solving to address clients’ most complex challenges.

Books by Susan Liautaud (Simon& Schuster):

The Little Book of Big Ethical Questions

The Power of Ethics

Ethics Challenges on the Edge Video Series

Check out more videos from this series, where Susan Liautaud discusses current challenges surrounding ethics and leadership.

Why Ethics is Essential

Ethics affects virtually every aspect of business and the non-profit sector: strategy, operations, governance, risk management, human resources, external relations, social responsibility efforts, and almost every decision stakeholders make. Learn More

Our Ethics Philosophy

Our philosophy of ethics is uniquely modern and relevant, rigorous, strategic, non-judgmental, and internationally applicable. Learn More

Susan Liautaud, JD PhD

Founder and Expert in Ethics, Governance, and Accountability Learn More

Latest Interview

Check out the interview from Baroness Martha Lane Fox of Soho, CBE, businesswoman, digital access leader and crossbench peer in the House of Lordspart of Susan Liautaud’s series, ‘Ethics In Real Time In the Real World.’ [Read]

Latest Videos

2 Watch Susan Liautaud’s short videos from her series “Ethics Challenges on the Edge,” where she addresses contemporary ethics and challenges. [Watch]

SLAL Top 5

3 We kick off this fall by launching our SLAL Top 5. This new series features ethical issues in the news and current events that catch our attention – and we think should capture yours! [Read]

Our Approach

Susan Liautaud & Associates Limited advises on ethics matters for corporations and partnerships, venture capital funds, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions internationally.

Resilience and Broad Impact

We are dedicated to custom-designed, innovative, and dynamic solutions to clients’ most complex challenges. We address ethics implications of strategy, governance, operations, and external relations for organizations and the individuals that comprise them. The hallmarks of our work are resilience and broad impact – developing solutions that further the objectives and protect the reputation of clients over time and benefit both clients and society at large.

Multi-Sector Expertise

Our multi-sector expertise combines learning and opportunities from the business world, the non-profit sector, the public sector, and academia. Our modern ethics focuses on the rapidly changing real world questions our clients face directly and see in the news. A global perspective on ethics includes best practice, regulation, culture, and consideration of the client’s reputation and opportunities to contribute to society internationally.

20/20 Foresight

We emphasize long-term, rigorous decision-making and analysis with an approach we call 20/20 Foresight: We ask the question, “What do you want to be able to say you did today when looking back on today’s decisions and actions in two weeks, six months, one year, three years, and even 15 years in the future – even if problems arise and irrespective of external circumstances?” Our custom-tailored multi-dimensional complex problem-solving distills our clients’ unique strengths; dissecting all internal and external angles of complex challenges; and considering both the client’s perspective and the perspective of all other stakeholders’ and society generally.

How We Work

We work closely and interactively with our clients in a highly customized, flexibly evolving manner. We work both on a project basis and in an advisory capacity (either for one-off matters or on an on-going basis). In addition to confidential client work, we also advise on client speeches and written communications, conferences, and events. We offer seminars, training programs, off-site programs, programs tailored to various professional organizations, and individual coaching. Our global diverse client base includes international for-profit and non-profit clients of varying sizes and sectors from start-ups to global institutions.