Susan Liautaud has launched The Ethics Incubator : an independent, cross-sector laboratory and collaborative platform for innovative ethics. See her inaugural Ethics & The Arts interview with renowned architect Frank Gehry . Also available her interview with Novelist Sir Salman Rushdie . x

Ethics Challenges on the Edge

In these short videos in the series “Ethics Challenges on the Edge,” Susan Liautaud discusses current challenges surrounding ethics and leadership.


In this video, Susan Liautaud repositions the ethics of consent in a world she calls “ethics on the edge” with a look at cases such as Ebola, space travel and social media.

In this video, Susan Liautaud presents ethics as the newest strategic opportunity for organisations and their leaders for both success and reputation protection. [Chinese Subtitles provided].    

In this video, Susan Liautaud unravels the confusion between ethics versus corporate social responsibility and legal compliance. [Chinese Subtitles provided].